My name is Nikki Boyd and I am a Registered Counsellor (HPCSA), Researcher (MPhil Mindfulness, Stellenbosch Univeristy), Certified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Interventions (Stellenbosch University) and Level II Provider of Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). I work in an integrative heart- centred therapeutic way which is grounded in the belief that we are intrinsically whole.

Sometimes, travelling along the road called Life, its challenges may have separated us from this knowledge of inner wholeness. In addition, we may have collected gems and stones reflective of our travels into our rucksack.

As a result, our bodies become bowed by the weight of the stones with accompanying symptoms of anxiety, stress and trauma, depression, substance abuse and/or grief. This may be reflected in unhelpful behavioural patterns and feelings of being alone.

If you choose, this is where I join you on this part of your journey. For a while, we will travel together either in an individual or group process. In the safety of the therapeutic space you will be encouraged to take off the rucksack so that together, we can look at what is inside.

This takes a lot of courage - to look at and work though some of what has been accumulated and to decide what to discard or to keep for the next part of the journey. These decisions you are self-empowered to make using your unique, remembered skills and/or those which I can offer. These may include psychotherapy, mindfulness and tension and trauma release exercises (TRE).