Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

Life is challenging and sometimes the impact of this continues to be felt in the body long after the experiences have passed. Developed by Dr. David Berceli, TRE is a self-empowering, body-based technique which utilises simple exercises designed to invoke the body’s natural neurogenic tremor mechanism.

As experiences are unique, so are each person’s tremors. With self-regulation, tremoring encourages the body to release deep, chronic muscle contractions created by anxiety, shock and/or trauma, thereby completing a dis-regulated stress response.

Some of the reported benefits are: increased energy levels, improved sleep patterns, improved functioning of the immune system, relaxed muscle tension patterns with reduced back pain, improved relationship with self and others, better management of stress.

With continued use, the exercises promote resiliency and a more flexible return to balance in responding to life’s challenges.

It is recommended that a number of sessions are experienced with a trained TRE Provider in order to monitor the initial tremoring process.

I offer:
  • Individual TRE sessions (recommended 4-6 sessions)
  • Individual Sessions in conjunction with talk-therapy
  • Group TRE sessions


I attended a TRE course on a one to one basis and found that the combination of the exercises with the counselling hugely beneficial. The course enabled me to release the pent up tension that had built up in my body over many years and also taught me how to manage my anxiety.

Amazing how much a body can continue to tremor! I absolutely loved and looked forward to our group TRE sessions in the sanctity of your therapy space whilst within the safe embrace of yourself and trusted friends and family.

I had never felt equipped to deal with my emotions before I started therapy with Nikki. I was apprehensive about counselling because of my fears of being judged. Nikki took me under her wings and into her heart to make me realise that facing my fears is half the battle won. My life is far from perfect, but I am equipped now to handle my emotions and express myself truthfully.